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Kiley M Walker

Stylist - Owner


Kiley has been a licensed cosmetologist in Maryland for over 14 years. Through classroom training combined with a practical apprenticeship, Kiley learned how to turn her unique, inspired visions, into the subtle enhancements that continue to thrill her clients.  Kiley takes pride in her craft and dedicates 110% to every appointment. It is her sole desire to make her clients look and feel their best, while educating them on how to maximize their look for durable results. Kiley has a strong belief in continuing education, which keeps her at the forefront of this innovative industry. 

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Talia Kidwell 



For over 15 years Talia has been a licensed cosmetologist finding joy in continuing her education to stay updated with current techniques, to provide natural manageable looks, tailored to each of her client’s lifestyle. She extends the education she has learned to her guests so they have a better understanding of the process it takes to achieve certain results and how they can maintain it at home. Talia loves connecting with people and giving her all into every service for them. "Painting and art have always been a big influence in my life and hair is an extension of that canvas." 

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Nicole Henderson



Nicole began her career as a licensed cosmetologist in 2021, where she discovered her passion for crafting transformative hairstyles and fostering connections through outstanding service. Her dedication to her craft propelled her to acquire her Barbering License in June 2023. Nicole strives to cultivate environments where clients feel not only valued but also empowered. “Beyond the salon, I find joy in indulging in culinary delights, nurturing green spaces through gardening, exploring the realms of design and art, and finding solace by the ocean. With an adventurous spirit and a deep appreciation for family, I embrace life's experiences with enthusiasm and gratitude.”

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Hannah Morton

Salon Assistant

Hannah is our dedicated salon assistant currently immersed in the world of cosmetology at the Paul Mitchell Temple school in Downtown Frederick. With her graduation slated for late 2024, she radiates a genuine passion for helping others feel beautiful and at ease in their own skin. Eager to absorb every facet of the cosmetology realm, Hannah approaches her work with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. She finds particular joy in the intricate process of blonding and color. We are excited to watch as she embarks on this transformative journey beside us. 

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